Rush Job Fees:
In fairness to all of our clients, we ask that you contact us well in advance of magazine and event deadlines.  Projects with a due date/lead time of less than 5 business days may incur a rush fee of no less than $150.

Marketing Efforts:
We strive to provide the best marketing solutions for our clients by creating unique, cutting edge web and graphic design services. Our design and marketing campaign services are provided on a price per job basis or retainer arrangement. We do our job extremely well, however, it takes a lot of time, money and effort for the marketing efforts we provide to start to work, you can not expect results overnight. We complete the jobs on time and on budget. Hiring Southern DESIGNS SC to do ala' cart projects such as a web or marketing projects does not mean you have hired us to manage all your marketing. We do not include marketing reviews, advice, results statistics or new marketing strategies with ala' cart job services, these services are only available through our retainer service agreement options. We limit the number of retainer agreement clients in order to provide the best services possible for our clients. Retainer agreements are subject to review by Southern DESIGNS SC and will only be entered into if appropriate.

Website and print design work come with a set number of revisions per project which is discussed as part of the statement of work for each project. After those have been exceeded, our normal hourly rate of $65 per hour will apply to any revisions.

We work Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Any requests sent in on Friday will be completed the following week. 

Turn around Time:
Often times, we can do quick turnarounds within the same week, however, if you know you have deadlines for magazines or events ahead of time, please make us aware of them in plenty of time ahead of the events so we are not rushing to get your job completed by your deadline. This will allow us the necessary time to layout your work and avoid stressful last minute revisions. Please keep in mind, normal lead time production time for most magazine publications is 30-60 days in advance of publication. Most wearable’s (hats, t-shirts) will require 2 week production time to avoid rush fees. Website launches and domain transfers take up to 48 hrs to process and require at least a 2 week planning period.

We accept checks, Credit cards. Payment is due in full before any website is launched. Payment is due before any magazine ad is placed.
50% deposit is due on all projects before project starts.

Downloadable Credit Card AuthorizationForm